The Constitutional Machinery

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The Consitutional Machinery

if only there was a government with class and confidence in Whitehall rather than a collection of disparate and desperate individuals who act with all the finesse of a tap-dancing wildebeest Deidre Brock MP In the same week that the views of Scotland’s people and politicians on the EU Withdrawal Bill were ignored and the […]


Rights for EU Nationals

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Transcript of Speech: Don’t the unintended consequences of the decision to leave the EU seem to be appearing thick and fast? The implications of restrictions on EU nationals seem to be among the most unexpected, for some folks at least. There has been some talk of scaremongering today, so let us hear the case of […]


EU Withdrawal Bill Update

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So the EU Withdrawal Bill was back in the Commons for Day 3 of the committee stage this week and, as promised, I’m writing to update you on what happened. Before I talk about the Bill itself, you might be interested in the events of Monday’s Ways and Means debate. Ways and Means is a […]


Edinburgh City Deal

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Now that the dust has settled and Edinburgh Council Administration has been in place since June, it’s worth saying how grateful we are for the opportunity to lead our city. At the election we put forward an ambitious platform to meet our aspirations and address Edinburgh’s problems and we’re delighted so many put their faith […]


Rent Pressure

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We must relieve pressure on rents For many across Edinburgh, and in cities throughout the country, renting a home is becoming less affordable. Budgets are increasingly stretched and often the last thing people need is a rent hike, pricing them out of decent housing in their area. Many people have come to me over recent […]