Stop No Deal

Under the new Prime Minister, the UK’s headlong dash towards the No Deal Brexit cliff edge has accelerated. Johnson makes demands he knows the European Union cannot accept. He demands the removal of the Backstop. The Backstop was designed to protect the Good Friday Agreement and thus peace in Northern Ireland and is, let’s not forget, an international treaty which is overwhelmingly supported by the people of both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

The EU has repeatedly ruled out changes to the Backstop so it is clear that Johnson is deliberately asking for the impossible while gearing up to blame No Deal on Merkel and Macron. In doing so, he is gambling with all our futures. The warnings of the economic and social effects of No Deal are clear.

The SNP has been open that we will work with all interested parties and do whatever it takes to stop No Deal. Scotland overwhelmingly rejected Brexit and we will not be left at the whim of Boris Johnson. People in Scotland deserve the choice of a better future than the Brexit Britain being imposed on us.

[Written for the Edinburgh Reporter – 1st September 2019]